“The Price of Freedom” – Privilege

This week, we look at the most beloved of all She-Ra episodes, and Eric lays out his idea that the relationship between He-Man and She-Ra perfectly displays male privilege. Also, Loo-Kee really misses the mark on the moral, and Mantenna doesn't own enough shoes. Poor guy.


“A Loss for Words” – Free Speech

This week, Shadow Weaver steals the Rebellion's ability to speak, and Lauren and Eric discuss one of the most contentious (and most misunderstood) issues in politics today. Oh boy. In the show, Eric references a¬†BackStory episode featuring a conversation with the University of Virginia law school vice dean. You can listen to that here if … Continue reading “A Loss for Words” – Free Speech

“The Sea Hawk” & “Return of the Sea Hawk” – Gender Roles

This week, we're taking on the episodes routinely referred to as the "romance" shows. Adora gets a boyfriend -- or does She-Ra? What do we think of Sea Hawk's portrayal and, more importantly, Adora's reaction to him? Why does Loo-Kee think you should just tell everyone you have a crush on, and what precisely is … Continue reading “The Sea Hawk” & “Return of the Sea Hawk” – Gender Roles

“The Sword of She-Ra” – Introduction

The premiere episode of She-Ra: Progressive of Power! Longtime fan Eric introduces his cohost Lauren to this wonderful, silly, weirdly relevant 1985 cartoon and the two explore the character of She-Ra, her world, and how that relates surprisingly well to what many of us are feeling in 2017. Covers the five-episode pilot of She-Ra: Princess … Continue reading “The Sword of She-Ra” – Introduction