“A Christmas Special” – Holiday Traditions

The only way the season could end! Guests JB Anderton, Dean Neilly, and Rachel Pitt join Lauren and Eric to discuss a wide swath of holiday traditions and their media representation against the backdrop of one of the most infamous entries in the He-Man/She-Ra canon. Skeletor has his Grinch moment, Horde helicopters take dubious shapes … Continue reading “A Christmas Special” – Holiday Traditions


“Black Snow” – Propaganda

Lauren finally gets to meet one of She-Ra's colorful friends as we travel to Frosta's Kingdom of Snows for a brewing conflict with the Selkies over some Horde trickery. Russia's on the table, and so is the hilarious incompetence of Multi-Bot. With special guest Sean Kelley from Improvised Star Trek! Shout out to Teaching for … Continue reading “Black Snow” – Propaganda

“The Unicorn King” – Animal Rights

This week, we're finally talking about an issue that is (mostly) bipartisan - animal rights! We've got special guest zoo professional Jon Meisenbach to share his thoughts on the Horde's attempted conquering of Unicorn Island, and Lauren and Eric gush about their dogs a lot. Special shout-out to Sit Stay Read, one of Eric's very … Continue reading “The Unicorn King” – Animal Rights

“The Peril of Whispering Woods” – Healthcare

The Whispering Woods is broken and so is the way we think about caring for people. This week, Dr. Adam Del Conte joins Lauren and Eric to talk about access to healthcare, how environmentalism relates to well-being, and meeting the real She-Ra (almost definitely). In this episode we shout out to the Patient Advocate Foundation, … Continue reading “The Peril of Whispering Woods” – Healthcare

“Unexpected Ally” – Finding Common Ground

This week, the Rebels find a friend in an unlikely place, and Lauren and Eric discuss the potentials and limits of finding real-life allies from across the aisle. Is John McCain an actual General Sundar? Eh, maybe! Roy Moore definitely isn't. Shout out to Flippable.org for putting considerable energy into doing some allegiance-flipping in three … Continue reading “Unexpected Ally” – Finding Common Ground

“Play It Again, Bow” & “Treasure of the First Ones” – Art

This week: Hordak treasures guns, Madame Razz runs into an ex, and, in an episode about the power of art to resist, we once again confront Confederate monuments. Plus, we welcome special guest Marcus Warren, a gallery preparator and shop coordinator at the University of Chicago, who certainly knows a thing or two about preserving … Continue reading “Play It Again, Bow” & “Treasure of the First Ones” – Art